An electric unicycle (EUC) is a self balancing (front to back) monowheel.  It uses balancing technology similar to the original Segway units.

How much do they cost?

You can spend between $200 and $3500 depending on size, range, power, and top speed.

How fast and how far can they go?

Currently the top speed on some models is roughly 50 mph.  Range is greatly dependent on rider weight, terrain, and wind conditions.  Some models go less than 10 miles on a full charge, others can go 50-75 miles between charges.

How do i buy one?

EUC’s are typically bought online.  They can be found on places like Amazon or Ebay however it is always best to buy your wheel from a reputable dealer like Ewheels.com or SpeedyFeet.

How hard is it to learn to ride an euc?

The time to learn varies greatly from individual to individual.  Some people get the basics in a few hours, others may take a few weeks.  Some of the things that can affect ease of learning is past experience (skate boarding, skiing), age, balance,  etc…

What about safety gear?

Wearing safety gear is extremely important!

My gear includes:

Killer 187 wrist guards, Leatt knee/shin guards, Leatt elbox/forearm guards, Triple 8 skater helmet, Triple 8 full face helmet, Scorpion helmet, No Cry knee pads


Where can i find out more?

Here are some helpful links!