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Handbuilts vs off the shelf branded wheelsets

I was wondering if anyone can share some experience with hand builts?
(I may have opened a can of worms apologies)
I've been planning to upgrade my wheels to something like a DA C24 over my 4 year old Mavic Ksyrium SLs.
But with budget reasons still been pondering for half the year
I am partially sold on these, but would still like to explore.
However searching on the bike forum, when you ask for advice or thoughts on wheelsets, some responses are "Go get hand built."
If so what would be a similar setup to something like the DA C24's?
I can totally understand the reasoning's behind this but wanted to see if anyone has gone handbuilts route but also thought about buying standard wheelsets such as Fulcrum, Mavic, chinese carbon etc?
Do you feel better with them or extended benefit?
I would say my budget is around £500 and I 70% of the time is used for commuting, but enjoy some mileage on the charity rides. Weightwise I flit between 83-84kg.
I am planning to drop a little more weight as a year back I was at 89kg. But am to keep it consistant.

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