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ioniqwoman aka Fitfarmchick

Hi there everyone! I am Cindy aka Ioniqwoman aka Fitfarmchick aka Duf's partner in crime! I swore off ever learning to ride about a year ago after flying off the Ninebot One.  But Duf persisted and somehow finally convinced me to join the EUC Army by getting me on my very own Inmotion V5F at Christmas.  It took some falls and scrapes and bruises, but I am happy that he never gave up on teaching me what he knows.  I love our Segway minipros because they are so easy to maneuver.  I love the stability  and speed of the Msuper.  And now I am falling in love with the MONSTER and the fact that I can sit on it and take a break for my feet.  Anyone else get pain in their feet?  Probably my only consistent complaint.