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Is it possible for this NFET to go short from Drain to Source but not look damaged?


Is it possible for a DPAK FET to die by going short circuit from drain to source, (due to an overvoltage on its gate) but without actually exploding or looking damaged?

We have a 40W offline LED driver which has a current clamp FET, M4, in it which limits transient overcurrents. (as in the schematic attached).

We are worried that the zener diode D21, is sometimes soldered on but with a dry jointed anode connection, and therefore when first powered on, the NFET , M4 (M4 is actually a DPAK) gets an overvoltage between Gate and Source, and then dies and goes short circuit from drain to source, and just stays short circuit, without exploding.

Is this at all likely to happen?
If it does , then we have got no current clamp protection in our product.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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Sorry you are going deeper into technical troubleshooting than I have background with.